March 16

Experienced Realtors in Roanoke, VA


There are 34,000 realtors in the state of Virginia according to In a state with the population of 8.5 million like in the state of Virginia, that means one out of every 250 people you know in Virginia is a licensed realtor. How do you go about choosing the right one for you?

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut according to Three other takeaways from the article for finding the right realtor for you:

  • Choose the Person, not the Experience
  • Look For Passion
  • Has a track Record and Inventory

Commons Secondary Keywords When Searching For "Realtors" on Google (Source:

Like most things in life choosing the right realtor is ultimately a personal decision for you. Below are 5 Realtors in Roanoke, VA that will be a good list to start when looking for the right realtor for you. 

5 Experienced Realtors in Roanoke, VA

1. Steve Caldwell

Roanoke Real Estate offers online listings and an easy to navigate website to stay connected to the Roanoke market as easy as possible.

2. Carter Associates Real Estate Professionals

Carson Carter has been in the Roanoke Real Estate market for over 40 years and is a full-service residential, commercial & industrial real estate service provider

3. Jeff Osborne

Agent Jeff Osborne grew up in Roanoke and with his office on Manassas Dr SW. He can act as a buyer's agent, a seller's agent or with your home insurance needs.

4. Wainwright & Co. Realtors

Wainwright & Co. has a great listing website to get you connected with the market. You can give them a call to get connected to one of their brokers that is right for you.

5. The Real Estate Group


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