March 16

Local-Verified Personal Injury Attorneys in Roanoke Va


There are many reasons why people would hire a personal injury attorney after they've been hurt. Whether you've sustained severe injuries, the at-fault insurance party is acting in bad faith or you may not know the value of your claim are all legitimate reasons to consider hiring a personal injury attorney (Source:

So you know you need to hire a personal injury attorney, now how do you find the right one for your case? Three takeaways from the guide at on tips when choosing a personal injury lawyer:

  • Make a list of criteria that's important to you (local, experienced & track record...etc)
  • Compile a List of lawyers that match those needs.
  • Meet with different attorneys to explore your options.

Common Secondary Keywords When Searching for "Personal Injury Attorney" on Google (Source:

When looking for a personal injury attorney in Roanoke, Va it's important to find the attorney that's right for you and your case. Below is a list of 4 personal injury attorneys that are a great start to finding your next attorney, and as a bonus, they all have 540 area code numbers and an office nearby.

Local-Verified Personal Injury Attorneys in Roanoke, VA

1. Lugar Law PC

Lugar Law office is located on Church Ave SE in Downtown Roanoke. In addition to personal injury cases they handle criminal defense, child custody & uncontested divorce.

2. Crandall & Katt Attorneys at Law

Crandall & Katt has their office on Elm Ave, SW and specializes in auto and trucking accidents, catastrophic injuries, and brain injury cases in VA, NC, and West VA.

3. Brown & Brown Attorneys and Counselors At Law

Brown & Brown has a local office on Electric Road and handles Personal Injury cases in both Virginia & West Virginia.

4. Edwards Law Firm

With an office in downtown Roanoke, Attorney John S. Edwards has represented clients in personal injury and commercial litigation cases and has been practicing for over 40 years.

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