July 27


In this month of Roanoke New Businesses, we're introducing a winery & lakeside destination, vegan, Italian, Chicagoan dishes & a new way to tour the city.

The Roanoke Development section in Roanoke Professionals was started for readers to welcome new businesses, read a little about them and see where they're located on the map. You never know if one of these new businesses will be by your neighborhood.

This list is just a few of the dozens of businesses that opened in June and not meant to be a complete list. The businesses below were chosen in the food, drink, wellness & things-to-do sectors of Roanoke.

Editor's Note: We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always call the establishment beforehand to confirm opening hours, offers and events. 

1. Napoli By The Lake

 Now Open      Smith Mountain Lake 

If you're looking for another reason to drive to Smith Mountain Lake, Napoli By The Lake from the owners of Napoli Cowboy is now serving. Offering a mix of Texas and Italian plates, Napoli By the Lake is located at Bernard's Landing Resort and open Thursday through Sunday.

2. Honestly Vegan

 Now Open      Dine In      Curbside

Honestly Vegan opened it's restaurant on Franklin Ave in the last week of June. According to their website, they source fresh ingredients from local farmers markets which is a great way to support both local restaurant owners and local farmers.

3. Uncle D's Take-Out

 Now Open     Take-Out 

Uncle D's Take-Out is located on Electric Ave across the street from Oak Grove Park. They serve Italian Favorites and Country Comforts, from lasagna to grandma's pot roast, with online ordering available.

4. Chicago Bob's

 Now Open     Bonsack Area     Hotdogs    

Located just off 460, Chicago Bob's is bringing Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian Beef sandwiches and fresh croissants to the Bonsack area. They have an easy to download menu on their website with convenient online ordering.

5. Star City Cycle Pub

Groups      Single Riders     Brewery Tours    

Star City Cycle Pub is a new way to experience Roanoke on an open air bike with 14 of your closest friends. Star City Cycle Pub offers Brewery Tours, Exercise Tour and Customized Tours to fit your group event or single riders (when available).

6. Fables & Feathers Winery

Now Open      Goodview Va  

Fables & Feathers Winery opened it's doors at the end of May. With outdoor seating overlooking the vineyard, Fables & Feathers Winery offers wine, beer, tours and tasting giving a good reason to make the short trip to Goodview.

Map To All Locations


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