March 16

Chiropractors in Roanoke, VA That Have Your Back in 2022


Chiropractic history might go back longer than you expected. Did you Buddhist Temples dating back 2000 years contained depictions of lumbar spinal manipulation? (Source:

Just like modern medicine has changed with advancing technology so has the chiropractic field has adapted to new ways to detect mis-alignments and adjust your spine. When looking for a chiropractor there are five common adjustment techniques used (Source: Lifequest Arizona):

  •  Gonstead Technique
  •  Flexion Distraction
  •  Thompson, or Drop Table, Technique
  •  Activator Technique
  •  Diversified Technique

Common Secondary Keywords When Searching "Local Chiropractor" in Google (Source:

Finding the right chiropractor in Roanoke is ultimately a personal choice and comes down to many factors such as skill, personality, proximity and experience. And when you have a tough call to make it never hurts to listen to you gut according to the The Joint Chiropractic

Below is a list of 4 chiropractors in Roanoke, Va that are a great source when beginning your journey of finding the right chiropractor for you. 

Chiropractors in Roanoke, VA That Have Your Back

1. Capps Chiropractic Clinic

Capps Chiropractic has been serving Roanoke for 30 years providing the best care through Technology, Skill, Personalized Care, Results & Experience.

2. Balance Wellspace

Serving the Roanoke Valley for over 15 years, Balance Wellspace is an integrative medical center conveniently located near downtown Roanoke offering physical medicine, regenerative medicine, chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, medical weight loss and IV nutrition.

3. Cave Spring Chiropractic

Cave Spring Chiropractic offers services focused on chiropractic care, auto accident & work related injuries. Dr. Brian Jensen has more than 30 years of chiropractic care.

4. Oasis Chiropractic

Oasis Wellness Center provides drug-free and surgery-free solutions that are proven to naturally heal chiropractic, neurological and metabolic issues.


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