March 22

7 Networking Groups in Roanoke, VA [2022 Update]


We're all still trying to figure out how to network in 2022. The good news it that business networking has never been stronger, in some ways it's just taken on more forms. 

People have found different ways to hold events, tell others about their business and help the Roanoke community grow stronger. Some might say the key to keeping your groups strong in 2022 is to network more generously (Source:

Virtual Networking keyword searches is up over 600% from last year (see insert below). Roanoke restaurants are still holding business mixer events at a lower capacity. The Business networking model is resilient by far.

In most search engine analysis tools, the keyword "virtual networking" is receiving 600 hits per month compared to "business networking" receiving 2200 per month. Virtual Networking keyword is up by 600% over the previous year (source:

"Virtual Networking" Keyword Trend

Listed below are 7 business networking groups in Roanoke, Va that you may want to check out if you'd like to make great connections, get onto some strong local directories or share a good time, whether it be virtual or in person.

Editor's Note: Please always reach out to the group beforehand as many of the event schedules have changed or not been updated recently.

7 Networking Groups in Roanoke, VA [2022 Update]

1. Better Business Bureau

BBB Roanoke Business Networking Groups

BBB helps people find businesses, brands, and charities that you can trust. They have been connecting businesses with customers for over 80 years. 

2. Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce

Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Roanoke Business Networking Groups

For 130+ years, Roanoke Regional Chamber has been a leader in business advocacy in Western VA.

3. BNI of Southwest Virginia

BNI Roanoke Business Networking

BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world. They offer their members events, conferences and referrals to grow businesses in the Roanoke Valley.

4. Salem-Roanoke County Chamber

Salem Roanoke County Chamber Business Networking

The Salem-Roanoke County Chamber has been connecting business with community for 87 years. Their membership has grown by 14% in the past 12 months which shows how strong networking remains in 2021.

5. FemCity Roanoke

FemCity provides resources for female professionals and entrepreneurs through local workshops and networking, online business classes and global virtual networking, and ongoing support in business and life.

6. Roanoke Toastmasters

Toastmasters Roanoke Business Networking Groups

Networking is great but what if you're afraid of speaking to strangers? Roanoke Toastmasters can help you fine tune, develop or even kick-start your speaking and leadership skills. 

7. Vinton Chamber of Commerce

Vinton Chamber of Commerce Roanoke Business Networking Groups

The City of Vinton is growing rapidly and their Chamber of Commerce is no different. With events, groups & directories, Vinton is a great area to look at when expanding your business business thumbprint.


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