April 20

6 Event Spaces in Roanoke, VA For Your Next Work Function


There are many factors to think about when finding your meeting space for your next work event. Capacity, budget, noise level, branding are just a few of the event amenities that would need to be researched before reserving your next event space.

According to (Source: Tag Venue) there are 10 considerations to think about when choosing an event space with the three main takeaways below:

  • Capacity
  • Features
  • High Tech Options
  • Noise Level

Common Secondary Keywords When Searching for "Event Space" in Google (Source: ahrefs.com)

Once you choose what you need out of the event space, the next step is to match those needs with the right venue. Is the event a party, mixer, conference, board meeting, training session or job fair? Below are 6 meeting rooms in Roanoke VA that are a great place to start when planning your next work function.

Editor's Note: We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always call the establishment beforehand to confirm event size, audio/visual equipment, noise levels and the like as space offerings can change without notice.

1. Charter Hall At the City Market Building

Meeting     Conference    Mixer      Party 

Located in Downtown Roanoke, conferences, musical performances, special-occasion receptions, and dinners can be easily hosted in this historic venue. Audio & Visual Equipment is also available upon request.

2. Roanoke Higher Education Center


The Roanoke Higher Education Center houses 11 conference rooms and 2 computer labs that can accommodate groups ranging from 15 to 100 attendees. The conference must be related to local economic development in order to reserve a room.

3. 5 Points Music Sanctuary

Meeting     Conference    Mixer      Party 

More than a concert and music venue, 5 Points Music Sanctuary can host your next work meeting, mixer or party and are located just off 220 by Carilion Hospital.

4. Billy's Roanoke

Meeting     Conference    Mixer      Party 

Billy's Roanoke has long been a go-to in Downtown Roanoke for dinner and drinks and also has multiple event spaces and 3 rooms with dedicated AV setup to host your next event.

5. Holiday Inn Express - Civic Center

Meeting     Conference    Mixer      Party 

Whether you have a board meeting, training session or a job fair on the horizon, Holiday Inn Express can accommodate your event and is located just across the street from the Berglund Center.

6. Deshutes Brewery

 Mixer      Party 

Deshutes Brewery is the spot for a more casual work event with a tasting room and craft beer on tap. Deshutes can handle large groups of people when a little noise from the other patrons can be tolerated and appreciated.


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